Project Summary

  • Client: Architect Johanes Wurzler, Austria
  • Geographic Coverage: Austria
  • Project Duration: 10 months (February 2018 – December 2018)
  • Total Area: 264

Kundalini Bamboo Hall Project

We designed and built a hall with a bamboo and metal combination roof structure. From events to games, the hall served for various activities conducted by the school.

The project started with testing the compression strength and load capacity of the bamboo wood at Pulchowk Engineering Campus. With proper testing and certification, we conducted a structural analysis using the test parameters.

The metal and bamboo prototyping of the joint structure was done at our warehouse, Patan.
Harauti Bamboo of 4” diameter was used for the post and Mal bamboo was used for purlin and rafter for the roof. We also did the colored CGI roofing.