At Green Bamboo Creation (GBC), we are dedicated to unlocking the potential of the bamboo industry in Nepal. Since our inception in 2015, we have been working tirelessly to develop high-quality bamboo products for construction, furniture, and decorative items.

Our state-of-the-art bamboo facility is located in Badeldhap, Hetauda-14, where we do the processing and seasoning of bamboo to make it resistant to termites and dimensionally stable.  With our warehouse and office situated in Patan Industrial Estate (D-7), we are strategically placed to provide our customers with efficient and effective service.

With nearly two decades of expertise, our company specializes in eco-friendly bamboo products. Our diverse range includes bamboo slates, mats, boards, furniture, and blinds.

Additionally, our company produces and constructs prefabricated bamboo panels utilizing Cement Bamboo Frame Technology (CBFT) from the Base Innovation Center in the Philippines, as well as Bahareque Technology from INBAR (International Network for Bamboo and Rattan) in China. These homes are cost-effective, climate-resilient, and environmentally friendly.

Our team is highly experienced in designing and constructing natural buildings with vernacular architecture and the finest natural materials available. We use a variety of materials, including stone, bamboo, wood, and hemp, to create stunning, sustainable structures.

Our dedication to sustainability encompasses partnerships with bamboo growers, skilled craftsmen, and environmentally aware consumers within an inclusive business framework. We believe in creating a valuable supply chain, fostering sustainability, and ensuring inclusion.



“Our approach is to collaborate with stakeholders, facilitate knowledge sharing, promote team building, drive research and development, integrate agriculture, industry, and trade, establish a self-sustainable business cycle, and offer training and apprenticeships to create a brighter and more sustainable future.”


“Our company envisions a future where Nepal’s bamboo resources are successfully commercialized within a sustainable, inclusive, and value-driven ecosystem, fostering environmental preservation and economic growth.”

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Our Services


We specialize in creating bamboo roof frameworks and various structures using treated bamboo of different species, seasoned wood, stone, and different compositions of mud and limestone with distinct designs such as Gazebo, Pavilion, Villa, Engineered low-cost house, Treehouse and Multi-purpose hall



We offer training and development services in order to enhance awareness of the bamboo industry's progression, provide appropriate assistance to the modern workforce, and recruit and retain the best individuals.


We support the development of building architectural design by providing circulation and landscaping. Furthermore, we work in technical documentation, architectural structural and service drawings, design technical calculations, and technical specifications, including cost estimates and construction time plans.

“Economic prosperity for all.”



Kundalini Bamboo Hall Project

We designed and built a hall with a bamboo and metal combination roof structure. From events to games, the hall served for various activities conducted by the school. The project started with testing the compression strength and load capacity of the bamboo wood at Pulchowk Engineering Campus. With proper testing…

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